The Border League is comprised of teams from various clubs all around the Border region, including King Williamís Town, East London (consisting of several clubs such as Beacon Bay, Gonubie, Buffs, Cambridge etc.), as well as Stutterheim  and  Butterworth.  There are 9 leagues in total. The Border League is a more competitive league and is comprised of the best players from these clubs.

The King Squash Club boasts 4 teams in the Border League, including 2nd, 3rd, 7th and 9th leagues. Our teams have proven to be worthy competitors and often finish in the top 3 positions within their respective leagues at the end of each year.

The clubs get together on various nights of the week to compete. The games rotate, i.e. sometimes they take place at our club and other times they are at the competitorsí local clubs, which requires players to travel. The Border League takes a lot of dedication and determination and players within this prestigious league are highly commended for their outstanding sportsmanship.